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Meet Dr. Christina O'Neal, PharmD, RPh. 


Hi, I'm Christina.

Pleased to meet you!

I am a licensed pharmacist who aspires to live a balanced, non-toxic, stress-free lifestyle. I love learning new ways to improve my health and wellness and I enjoy discovering which combinations of tips and tricks work best for me.

My passion for pharmacy began at a young age when my father died from prostate cancer. After witnessing my father’s health diminish with each chemotherapy treatment, I instantly became passionate about choosing a career in medicine in hopes to educate others and prevent them from suffering like my father did.

I genuinely want to use my pharmaceutical expertise to help as many people as possible. Whether it’s through medication counseling, preventing drug interactions or helping people understand more about their health and wellness, I am up for the challenge!

You stumbled across MCW for a reason and I want to make it worth your while by giving you the tools to either start or continue your health and wellness journey.


About the Founder

Dr. Christina O’Neal received her doctorate in pharmacy from Hampton University School of Pharmacy in 2018.

It was during her vigorous clinical pharmacy training that Dr. O’Neal took a particular interest in the benefits of natural and alternative medicine. Eager to expand her natural medicine knowledge, post-doctorate she attended the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.

There she underwent 150 hours of online study detailing the art and science of herbal medicine making, including internal and external preparations and natural body care. She continues to further her knowledge of different alternative medicine techniques through self-study.

Dr. O’Neal has seen the massive impact her pharmacy training has had on her overall pursuit to a balanced well-being.  With her knowledge and skills continuously helping her along her wellness journey, she knew it was only right to create an online platform that would allow her to help others to do the same.

By combining her passion for pharmacy with her desire to help others, Medication & Clarity Wellness was born.

At the root of your health and drug-related needs

Providing information to further your wellness journey

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